2013-03-20 Prison Island & Snorkeling

Spent the day visiting turtles at Prison Island (which was never actually a prison) and then a bit of snorkeling in fantastic clear and blue water :)

2013-03-21 Safari Blue

My Safari Blue experience in Zanzibar. Perfect bliss! :-D

2013-03-19 Spice Tour, Anglican Church, Stonetown

A morning visit to an orphanage and spice tour, and an afternoon visit to an Anglican Church and the Stone Town markets and area

2013-03-18 Hotel and Fordham Food Market

Pictures of my room at the Zanzibar Palace Hotel and the Fordham Food Market at night

2013-02-11: Day 1 - Lights, Camera, Action

Our first formal day of the Corporate Service Corps assignment. It included a formal meeting with the Governor, a visit to the King of Ado Ekiti, and a starving team making a stop at Chicken Republic (the Nigerian version of KFC) :)

2013-02-10: Tour of Ekiti

Well it was a tour of several places in the Ado Ekiti area, but I was lazy and took pics mostly of an university and then we went to a football pitch and took some pics there before leaving. But enjoy anyway!

2013-02-09: From Lagos to Ekiti

The trip from Lagos to Ekiti. The pictures are random as us and our convoy were travelling, but the upon our arrival we also got the meet the Governor of Ekiti State!

Christmas with Gyula in Nordfjordeid, Norway

Celebrated the Christmas holiday with my good friend Gyula in Nordfjordeid, Norway. We also had traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner with a super-awesome family. It was a great break! :-)

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Pics from my overview tour of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The country definitely deserves a second visit :)

MDNA 2012 Tour in Helsinki - 12 August 2012

The first MDNA performance in the Golden Circle. Was an upgrade from the experience in Vienna.

Thanks Tobias and Jenny for allowing me into the Tribe.

And check of the pics of me in the medical tent because I am a klutz! :-)

Helicopter Over Stockholm - 11 August 2012

Went on a helicopter tour over Stockholm with my good friend Tomas!

Great experience and even a couple of nice photos :-)

MDNA Tour - 15 August 2012

Pictures from the AMAZING MDNA concert in Oslo.

Hung out with Tobias and Jenny. And we got access to the Golden Circle! :D

2009 USA Trip - New York

Pictures from my trip with Alex to New York in July 2009

USA Trip 2009 - Boston

Pictures for my trip to the USA to visit family in Boston. And a few other pics too!


Photos from Cyprus, including Alex, myself, snorkeling, and our new friends Phil and Zoe!

Port Sollier

Lots of pictures on the route to the scenic trip to Port Sollier. You actually take an old wodden train that takes you through the mountains and you see how others live. The destination is spectacular and the ride is cool too :-) along the ride you could actually reach out and touch ollive branches, and the fruit from lemon and orange trees were within easy reach :-)

Palma de Mallorca

Ok, so I will admit that there is a lot of pictures of one particular building, but it was a great building...the rest I took pics of as the moving bus allowed and whilst dodging the palm trees because I am so tall.

Puro Beach

The sea front property of Puro Hotel. Great restaurant, great pool, and nice strong drinks :-)

Puro Hotel

Pictures of the **beautiful** hotel room in Palma de Mallorca

Kataja Family Christmas

Good Food, Good Wines, Great Family. And Pop Idol. What more can one ask for?

Thanks to Markus and his wonderful family for making me like one of their own :-)

Atlanta Pride 2006

Atlanta Pride. Always a rainy but fun affair! :-P

Historiska Museet

Rainer and I take a trip to the History Museum

Rodney's Birthday 2006

Sussi and Markus brought me to this castle out on the archipelago and we went to this really cool disco show. We drank a lot too.

Soooo nice :-)

January 2006 - Berlin

Picturs from the Berlin tower on a very cloud day. But hey, I'm going back there again one day :-)

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